Wheelspin Brother


The Joneses meet their brother in either Amsterdam or the Banlieu of Paris.

He is 17; they meet him on the day he passed his driving test. He is excited about a) passing his test and b) two new siblings who can buy him drinkin' and druggin' time. He decides to combine the two by inviting them for a drive in his old style 'mini cooper / Vw Beetle / Ford owned by the Jones'

The brother drives very carefully around the streets of Paris, and through a car park to practise his driving test 'manouevers' he takes them to the top. Looks at his new brother / sister in the passenger seat. Grins maniacally and puts it in full lock left while reversing. The spin around screaming / cheering in french.



This will make a really good video, especially juxtaposing creeping around the car park avoiding pillars to spinning around at 25 mph on the top of a car park from a first person camera angle.


Close ups of Ian / Jonti / Emma's faces as they spin around in the car


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