Unseen Sibling You Provide The Voice

As mentioned here http://wherearethejoneses.wikidot.com/forum/t-16784/be-the-voice-of-a-sibling , we'd like Dawn and Ian to meet a sibling without the camera seeing said sibling. Then one of The Joneses Community can provide that sibling's voice.

.. But first of all, we'll need a situation in which this can happen.

Here are a few possibilities:

A conference call

An entryphone

Behind a door (though we've sort of done that with Jan & Mick at the safehouse)

Hidden in a bush

In the dark

Please, edit away (or start your own Idea…).

hmmm someone locked in a coffin, at an undertakers? or the confession box in a church, the priest perhaps - maybe dawn gets a heavenly message. on a tin can and string phone - like you do when you were kids. or the voice of someone behind you that they can't look at - secret agent style. - (chrissyboyuk)

A Guy in A mask. Could be a brother or sister locked in a room by an evil parent for not being their real son or daughter. a bit like man in the iron mask. or could just be a bit weird and has a metal mask because they're disfigured from some terrible tragedy like Dr Death or Edward Norton in Kingdom of Heaven. Or it could be some kind of family thing handed down like Destro from G.I. Joe. Too obscure? (Bhercules)

A tape from a time capsule. A voice on a computer - either an unseen YouTube video, a Skype session, or a voice email. A voicemail. Someone locked in a toilet cubicle. Someone with their head stuck in a bucket. Someone in a plush sales mascot outfit. Someone hiding under a duvet. Someone stuck behind a locked door after they break the lock trying to open it to the Joneses. Someone stuck in the air in a cherrypicker basket, at an angle where the camera cannot see in. (robmyers)

… The toilet cubical on a train or coach. or simply a voice inside someones head. or perhaps someone locked in a locker… at the swimming pools or wherever you find lockers. in a chest of drawers - perhaps dawn and ian here a voice coming from a drawer and find a pre recorded message on a little tape recorder, and they have to work out who its by. (chrissyboyuk)

Someone stuck in a well. Someone stuck in a coffin (possibly a goth on a bad day). A military fantasist in extreme sniper camouflage (looking like a bush). A voice over a CB radio or ham radio. A stage magician practicing disappearing who has got stuck under a trapdoor. Someone in a pantomime horse outfit stuck in with glue by student friends. A deceased sibling being channeled by a spiritualist medium. (robmyers)

Some guy in a heavy duty prison that cameras aren't allowed in, but Dawn and Ian are. Or Michael leaves his lens cap on during a meet up. A dog and you just dub human speaks over the top. Lena x.

Someone swathed in bandages after plastic surgery. Someone swathed in bandages after an accident. Somebody wrapped in bandages after being Pharaoh and dying in Egypt 4000 years ago. Actually, scrub that last one. (maxley)

A claustrophobic agoraphobic condemned to live in a medium-sized room. (maxley)

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