Two For The Price Of One

Two for the price of one:
(For background into Eanie Mansinie and Natasha ‘Tash’ Tranton see the Cast Section).

Eanie and Tash had already become friends, they were yet to discover the genetic links between themselves and with Dawn and Ian.

Eanie, his wife Mo and their friend Tash had moved to Venice a year ago. Eanie had been promoted from watch strap salesman to selling whole watches, this may not sound much but believe me this was a big step in rebuilding his shattered self confidence (see aforementioned cast details). Eanie had moved to Venice to promote his companies new underwater range. Market research by the same group that developed the 2012 olympic’s logo (although expensive) suggested that this new range should do very well there. Tash, who had almost become part of the family moved with them and had set up a guinea pig rescue centre just out of the City. It is not widely known but up to 60 guinea pigs drown in the Venice canals every single year (more than any other city in the world!) whereas other small furry creatures like squirrels and mice seem to enjoy the water.

Ian and Dawn knew it wouldn’t be long before they came across Eanie peddling his trade on the streets of Venice, how many watch salesmen could there be in Venice? To their delight they found Eanie, remarkably he was the 612th watch and watch strap salesman they approached that long and tiring day it had almost become a farce, practically everyone they approached in Venice seemed to be a watch salesman (similar is true these days of Blackpool and Elvis impersonators) and remember Venice is no Geneva. They were almost ready to give up. When they saw Eanie they knew that this was the guy. His forearms were an exact match of Ian’s, he could have been a Frankenstein’s monster of Ian (where they only used the forearms, their body frames and face were remarkably dissimilar, in that respect Eanie was more of a Lon Chaney junior).

They went to a coffee shop for a drink and a bun. Ian cued for the goodies and Dawn and Eanie chatted. Eanie was open and discussed his life in detail about how he met his friend Tash and how they had helped each other through difficult times. Dawn was so moved by this it brought her to tears. She was so glad Eanie had now found himself and the dental saga was now behind him. Ian returned with the drinks to find his sister in distress.

Ian: “What’s the matter Dawn.”
Dawn: “Eanie has been telling me about Tash, his close friend, she was adopted and raised by Wolves.”
Ian: “What do you mean?”
Dawn: “I mean that she was raised solely by Wolves in the eighties”.
Ian: “Is that when Frank Munro was centre forward?”
Dawn: “What are you talking about Ian”.
Ian: “Was she the club mascot”.
Dawn: “ No Ian not the football club she was raised by actual Wolves the furry ones”.

They then dropped the bombshell on Eanie, his father was a sperm donor and that they were related. There was much hugging and kissing and jumping up and down. Eanie immediately insisted on ordering another round of buns, Mo didn’t allow buns in the house anymore. This was a real treat for him.

They had a great time together touring the sites of Venice and catching up. Eanie had a playful timidness they couldn’t quite put their finger on. They talked about how Mo was doing and that apart from her obsession at the moment to have her jaws wired together, things were great.

At about 5pm they went to meet Tash who had just finished work. Tash introduced her self.

Tash: “Hello I’m Natasha Tranton, although my friends call me Tash”
Dawn: “You are Natasha Tranton?”
Tash: “Yeah”
Dawn: “Ian give me the list”
Dawn: “I don’t believe it, I’m your sister”.
Ian: “Bloody hell, two for the price of one”.

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