The Syndicate

The Syndicate - synopsis: Dawn and Ian discover through their MEP connections that a group known only as 'The Syndicate' planned to create a race of super European Community members who would then go on to become influential in the running of Europe; socially, ecominically, politicially, historically. The creation of this race was reliant on the sperm of a very influential European at the time (bit like Abert Einstein) being used to impregnate as many woman as possible (resulting in Dawn and her siblings). All siblings have been followed by members of the syndicate at various times of their lives to monitor their progress and cannot understand how the majority have turned out to be uninfluential in society. What the Syndiacte and the siblings don't realise is the man they now think is their father could never 'get it up' and was infertile anyway and to save face he found a homeless person who could 'provide the goods' in exchange for financial compensation. The real father now runs a homeless centre in London where Dawn and Ian unexpectedly spend the night spend the night and are unaware of the father's presence and he too, is unaware two of his children and staying the night. The real father never thought his sperm would be used as part of the Syndicate's plan but rather that he was just performing a sexual act for a well paying pervert.

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