The Swing


Dawn is sitting on a swing being interviewed by Jonti. The faint sound of children playing in the background it seems that it's just her, Jonti and Dawn thoughts.


A Park

Dawn is swinging back and forth


I love this


What Dawn?


This, back and forth, back and forth.

She closes her eyes as she swings

Can you smell that?


What ?


Hot tarmac and freshly cut grass

She carries on swinging

It takes me back Jonti, it really does. Me and my supposed Dad, Len would wait in line ready to take the next swing, Len would step forward then he'd step back as soon as he saw another parent pushing in with their kid. He was too soft. Sometimes we'd wait there for ten minutes, but when you're a little girl that seems a life time, [as she swings ]"tick tock tick tock". I hated that queue. I just stood there watching the other boys and girls laughing as their Mums and Dads pushed them again and again. We'd eventually get on he'd push me a few times and that was it! [Mimics Len] "When you swing forward kick your legs out Dawn! Pull them in when you swing back" I used to get angry at him I just thought he was being lazy. He just used to stand there shouting his orders, but I now know why he did it. He wanted me to be independent, he wanted me to do it, because he knew I could. I understand that now. Even though Len wasn't my real Dad he did love me.

She swings and goes into a kind of trance

Back and forth, back and forth

She closes her eyes swinging using the method Len had taught her, The Camera follows Dawn for 10 swings



Dawn snaps out of the trance


Yes Jonti


Can we go, I feel sick


Sorry Jonti, it was all a bit sickly sweet all that.


No, it's not that, it's the swinging it's given me motion sickness.


Sorry, [takes control, jumps off swing] Okay lets go find Ian I think he's riding see-saw solo.

The camera pans to reveal a queue of displeased parents waiting with their children for Dawn to finish.


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