The Breakdown And The Battleground

The ever suffering car seems to have given up the ghost and the problem seems to be beyond the skill of Ian and Dawn to fix. After much sitting around, Dawn attempts to start a conversation, regarding a small Warhammer piece in Ian's pocket that goes something like this:

Ian: This is my lucky Orc commander, I used this to beat my nemesis, Jacob!
Dawn: Jacob?
I: The guy who worked behind the till at the Forbidden Planet across the road at Monday lunchtimes. I used to go in there a lot during my lunch break, perusing the hallowed tomes…
D: The what?
I: The limited edition comics.
D: Oh.
I: Anyway, he would always start taunting me, calling me a pathetic gamer and how I was lower than the slug people Gornoth!
D: (sarcastically) No!
I: I know! Well the problem was he was really good at Warhammer, he was like the Junior champion of the world, well Bristol, anyway I wasn't so I just shrugged it off usually. But one day I just couldn't take it anymore and I challenged him to a fight, forgetting that I was quite rubbish at it.
D: (getting quite bored, slumping further forward onto the dashboard) Right.
I: So I had only one week to prepare and build an army that could win, an arduous task. But I finished it and I memerised the rules in one evening!
D: Wow!
I: I know, I just sat down with a big flask of milky tea and just belted it out!
D: Belted what out?
I: Dunno anyway, the day came. And I was feeling confident but I hadn't brought a commander figure!
D: Oh no! (Dawn begins fiddeling around with the ignition and clutch)
I: Yeah, so I ran home and I only had like 2 minutes to get back there and just before the alloted expired I…
(Car suddenly starts up and Dawn looks very happy)
D: Oh would you look at that the cars started!
I: But I haven't told you how I defeated the…
D: Another story for another day Ian.
I: But…I…fine…

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