Shapes In The Clouds


Dawn finds shapes in the clouds, Ian finds objections.


In the car on a clear bit of road, probably in the countryside.


Talking, driving (carefully!).


Dawn and Ian are sat in the front seats of the car, Jonti in the back seat filming.
They are driving along a clear bit of road. You can see the clouds over the road (or at least you can believe that the people in the car can).

Dawn: I always like it when you can see shapes in the clouds, don't you Ian?

Ian: What do you mean?

Dawn: Shapes in the clouds. Like that one's a sheep.

Ian: Sheep are like clouds with sticks for legs anyway.

Dawn: Not when they've been shaved they're not.

Jonti: [off camera] Shorn.

Dawn: Who's Sean?

Jonti: No, shorn. Shaved.

Dawn scowls.

Dawn: That's what I said.

Ian: It's still more that sheep look like clouds than that clouds look like sheep.

Dawn ignores him.

Dawn: That one looks like a dog.

Ian ignores her.

Dawn: Oh, Ian, I thought you were into games that make you use your imagination. When I was little I thought that there were people living on the clouds and I wanted to climb up there and meet them.

Ian: They'd fall through.

Dawn: What?

Ian: They'd fall through. Clouds are insubstantial wisps of water vapour. You can't stand on them.

Dawn: Elves could.

Ian: No they couldn't. The [Tolkein's name for elves] are as heavy as the sons of men. And they wouldn't be able to climb up there anyway.

Dawn is getting annoyed.

Dawn: They could use a beanstalk.

Ian: A beanstalk of that size would collapse under its own weight.

Dawn: A balloon.

Ian: They don't have balloons.

Dawn: People do!

Ian: Balloons don't go high enough to reach the clouds.

Jonti: No they do actually. When we were filming "Dumped in a Balloon" we went through some clouds when we were taking people up.

Dawn glances incredulously into the mirror at Jonti, Ian looks incredulously at Jonti over his shoulder.

Jonti: No, dumped IN a balloon. We'd take couples on a romantic trip in a balloon where one of them secretly wanted to split up with the other one.

There is a pause.

Dawn: So if you're wrong about BALLOONS, Ian, then MAYBE you should consider if you aren't wrong about ELVES.

Fade out.

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