Jonti, Ian and Dawn are filming in a tourist site when they are approached by a couple of heavies who bundle them into a van. Jonti drops the camera, which keeps running where it lies. The heavies accuse them of being members of a terrorist cell who have been trying to purchase a nuclear warhead. They show Ian print-outs from Hotmail and shout "are you MightyWarrior20? where is it? where have you put the nuke?". They turn on Jonti, "you were using your camera to look for targets!".

Terrified and confused, our friends deny all knowledge. Getting more irrate the heavies threaten to fly them to a secret "interogation" facility in eastern Europe. They read from Ian's email, "soon we will wield the Sword of Heaven, a weapon so powerful it could move mountains and flatten cities, then at last we will destroy the Western Empireā€¦"

"Weston Empire", interrupts Ian, "It's the Weston Empire. In Weston-Super-Mere. It's my friend Dave, he's the dungeon master and he lives there so he made it up not me. He said the Sword of Heavan had +15 on a d6 against magic armour , but it doesn't, it's only a +8! " It turns out that the Brotherhood of the Golden Hand is not, in fact, a terrorist cell, but an online role-playing camapign. They have no nukes and, after some brilliant pursuasion from Dawn, they are released unharmed.

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