Really Fake Synopsis

Really 'Fake' - Synopsis. It's Aug 20th 2007, Ciro Marina, Italy. Dawn and Ian have decided to adopt a 'go with the flow/go wherever their hearts tell them' approach as it can't be any more or less fruitful than following any leads that they have already been given in the search for their extended family. This leads them to back packer just outside the Marina who sells odd items such as wigs and also reads tarot. Dawn tells him of their dilemma and he offers them a free reading. He tells them they will find their answer by the water's egde by a 'not real shrub'. Dawn and Ian are famished and think it best to puzzle over the cryptic clue on a full stomach and head for the Marina where there are plenty of restaurants. En route Dawn and Ian notice a poster for 'Fake Bush' (an actual comic Kate Bush impersonator - who's performing at 8 that evening in the harbour (she will actually be their on 20th Aug) and who they now believe to be their missing sibling because of the 'not real shrub' link. Come 8pm they interupt her performance/or catch the end of the performance and make themselves known by spectacularly embarrassing themselves during 'Wuthering Heights' and becoming part of the act as they try to get close enough to 'Fake' to reveal their true identity and their relationship to her. They decide to make a hasty exit as Fake chases them off wide eyed and arms outstretched (Kate Bush stylee) and decide that 'going with the flow' is not for them when they trip over a ruck sack which belongs to the backpacker who is packing away some wigs he's been trying to sell. Dawn looks at them and comments that they are a bit tiny for someone head. The backpacker explains they are not for peoples head but are specifically designed for the female anatomy. Ian jokingly says that they are merkins/'fake bushes.' Both Dawn and Ian burst out laughing at his f'ake bush' quip only look at each other and at the backpacker and then back at each other as they wonder if the backpacker could actually be their long lost brother.

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