Radio Break

Radio Break: What’s Happening Back Home?

Dawn and Ian sit in silence in the car.

DAWN: You thinking of home?


DAWN: I’m beginning to miss it…we’ve been away now for 47 days. Wonder what’s happening back home.

Dawn adjusts the radio, flicking through the various stations….BBC WORLD SERVICE.

DAWN: Reliable auntie.


NEWSCASTER: Good afternoon….Board Game giant and family company MB has been heavily criticised by consumer groups today for releasing a special edition of the board game Operation to mark the 44th anniversary of the assassination of J.F.K. Company spokesman Todd Lakeland defended the companies decision…

TODD LAKELAND: Time heals all wounds (Guttural Chuckle)

NEWSCASTER: In other news; Representatives from various aid agencies met today to discuss the worsening situation in Darfur. I spoke to Sarah Hanratty earlier today…..

SARAH HANRATTY: Around the world a child dies every 3.6 seconds. In Sudan they are attempting to break this record, does the British public want them to succeed? This is not ‘record breakers’, this is real life and by doing nothing you, the general public are party to this record attempt. I implore the British public to please, please help….not to break this record.

NEWSCASTER: Good luck Sarah….In London today Labour MP Edwin Gates was roundly lambasted for his speech to members of the TUC at Brighton yesterday. In a speech that shocked fellow MP’s and union members, Mr Gates set out his ‘Pogrom for Government’. Calls for his resignation were immediate from across the political divide, the ADL being most vocal. In a press conference today Mr Gates vehemently refuted all allegations of anti-Semitism.

EDWIN GATES: I am not an anti-Semite, this has been blown entirely out of proportion by all you guys. Occasionally I have trouble with my R’s, but…look I am not anti-Semitic, never have been, never will be. If anything I am anti anti-Semitic, sure for Christ’s sake one of my best friends is a…an anti-Semite, but I am categorically not… Jesus I’ve even flown with El-Al.

NEWSCASTER: That’s today’s bite size news. Good Afternoon.

Dawn turns off the radio.

DAWN: I still miss home.

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