Perfect Day

Could be anywhere (but hopefully not in the car as the noise of the wheels on the motorways is beginning to make me feel car sick).

Maybe Dawn & Ian are sitting on a bench or walking:

Dawn says to camera: we're discussing inviting our siblings to spend Christmas 2007 with us (big grin on her face).
Ian pipes up : 0 0 7 here we come (Roger Moore or Sean Connery voice please, Ian).
That new bloke behind the camera what's his name M Night Shyamalan? says: what are the chances of organising that then Dawn?
Without a moments hesitation Dawn says: we've got this far it'll be a doddle (turns to Ian for a high 5).
Ian spells out doddle: d o d d l e and then says: my mother's cousin's sister's brother's uncle owns a caravan and we're pretty sure we'd squeeze in.
Dawn: cosy, it'll be cosy.
Michael: where is this caravan, South of France? Cornish Coast? The Algarve?
Ian: It's in a field behind his house.
Dawn grins again and nods her head excitedly. She now has a piece of tinsel draped around her neck.She says: I'd be cooking the turkey and we'd probably all be singing christmas carols. Hey, Ian, we'd have a blooming choir wouldn't we!
Ian: Yeah.. not sure there's an oven though.
Dawn: We'd sort something out Ian. Eenie is obviously very good with his hands.
Camera bloke Michael: where exactly is this field, Ian?
Ian scratches his head and opens his mouth but Dawn interjects and says: can't tell you that. We want to keep it a very private, family affair.
Ian looks perplexed and turns to Dawn. Dawn mouths the word 'no' at him.
A longish silence falls until Ian says: My dressing gown still has pine needles in the pockets.
Camera fades.

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