Past History

Past History

Int: Car.
Car stuck in traffic due to restrictions in place for the Tour de France. The trio sit in bored silence.

Dawn: Jonti, why are there no women cyclists in the Tour de France?

Ian sniggers.

Ian: They don’t allow baby seats on bikes, Dawn.

Dawn: Ian!

Ian: Sorry.

The trio sit in silence.

Dawn: Jonti, what did you work on before this?

Jonti: Please Dawn, just focus.

Dawn: Jonti c’mon.

Ian: Yeah Jonti.

Jonti: eh…just an expose on em, Fathers for Justice.

Dawn: Oh god, don’t get me started on that shower…actually do. You know my best friend’s ex-husband is a member now, justice my arse….That…man, that man pig forced my friend, my best friend to ingest acid every morning, acid Jonti, bullied her into ingesting acid.

Jonti: Jesus Dawn, is she o.k?

Dawn: Yeah. Every morning with the acid, she was pregnant and all, so she left him. Of course he flipped out, said it was for the baby, always for the baby….acid Jonti.

Jonti: Em Dawn…..Folic Acid?

Dawn: Urrgggh yeah, poor Theresa. Thank god she’s rid of him, corrosive bastard.

Jonti: Em…

Ian: Lights are green, go.

Car chugs along.

Fade Out.

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