No IDea

Dawn is filling up the car at a petrol station and drives off, forgetting to pay. Ian becomes anxious and agitated but Dawn dares him to live life with a little adventure. Ten miles down the road and Dawn can't find her bag, realising she has left it (with passports and wallet) at the petrol station. They turn around and drive back.

The pull into the petrol station and see a police car. Dawn sends Ian to get her handbag while she distracts the policeman with her feminine charms. As Ian tries to ask for his "red womans handbag" in stuttering spanish, the store attendant recognises the purple Ford and shouts at the policeman. Ian tries to run but is caught by the policeman. Jonti and Dawn mananages to make it to the car and drive away.

A few days later Dawn is using a screwdriver to attach a new liscence plate when she receives a phone call from Ian. He has been deported to Morrocco and is calling from Tangiers. He says he's made a friend who can get him home.

Next edpisode, Ian takes an illegal boat across the med and meets Dawn and Jonti on a nighttime beach landing.
Turns out the people smuggler is the cousin of one of the sibblings living in Germany. He promises to take Ian and Dawn to see him but insists on hollowing out the backseat of the car as a hiding space. After they cross the border (with their guest in hiding and guilt across their faces) the people-smuggler fdoes a runner.

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