Night Follows Dawn

So, Ian - trussed up in his cardboard armour and true to Dawns prediction - starts to dance about to the music in an open space at night but in his over enthusiasm crashes to the floor. Much to Jonti's horror Dawn completely ignores Ian as he writhes on the ground in agony. What would Dawn say? something about character acting or stae factually that Ian's remembering his birth adding perhaps that labour is the most dangerous time for the mother and child. A worried Jonti swiftly moves the camera away from Dawn's slightly smug expression and zooms it onto Ian's crinkled and wrinkled little face exploding with tears, his open mouth uttering guttural noises before placing the camera on the ground (it catches only the legs of passers by) and we hear ripping and shredding noises. Jonti is trying to calm Ian down and still Dawn is persistent: 'Jonti can't you see? Ian's through the birth canal'. The camera gets turned off and the next scene is in a Madrid A & E. Ian is layed out on a stretcher, his face is grubby with half dried street dirt and tears and says to the camera in his indomitable way: 'waiting for a nurse to take me to X ray'. Camera spins to Dawn who is touching up her lips and shrugs to the camera. A male nurse approaches Ian and all gasp - the male nurse looks exactly like the sketch of their father. Camera cuts out. Camera comes back on and Dawn is standing near the car (patiently waiting for Ian; it must take an awful long time for Ian to get out given he's so restricted) and with a triumphant smile says to Jonti: 'or, it could go like that Jonti but I know (hands clasped together) that Ian is ready to break a leg if it helps find our Father'. Camera cuts to Ian who is half out and half in the car.

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