New Brother

Dawn and Ian meet their new brother in Alicante who turns out to be an altogether dodgy character. From the outset it's implied that he is involved in various shady dealings but despite this he still comes across as a lovable scoundrel. Over the days that they spend with him, his behavior gets more and more paranoid as it turns out that he possibly made some enemies in a 'business' deal gone bad. He checks his food for poison, walks using Dawn and Ian as human shields, and uses various items from Ian's Bisto tin to set traps for would be assailants. At this point it's not made clear whether there really are people out to get him or if he's just crazy.

Slowly getting more and more convinced of their brother's insanity, Dawn and Ian get ready to do a runner when it's turns out there really is someone after their brother and the three are forced to flee to the Spanish countryside. Once there they adopt new identities (Ian grows his mustache back and tries to become a Matador, for example) Eventually their brother vanishes without any explanation and Dawn and Ian are free to return to normal. Ian however, after two hours of practice, has grown quite attached to the matador lifestyle where he 'answers to no man'. Dawn agrees to let him keep the hat as he does as he's told and gets in the car.

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