My Dad, I Mean.....

My dad, I mean….


DAWN: Ian what were your family like, your old family?

IAN: It was just me and dad, I mean…me and Frank.

DAWN: So what was…Frank like?

IAN: Angry, always angry…

DAWN: What? Why?

IAN: It’s personal and I’d rather not talk about it.

DAWN: Ian, I’m your sister, you can tell me anything.

IAN: No, I don’t…

DAWN: Please Ian…What did he do, this Frank?

IAN: Not what he did, what he had…My dad, I mean Frank, he still retained his fontanella, the one from birth, it never left him.

DAWN: The thing on babies’ heads.

IAN: The very things. You’d always see it; that bald concavity moving up and down…the brain breathing.

DAWN: Uurrgghh

IAN: I touched it once when he was asleep, it was very calming, up and down, up and down…it was like, like his synapses were dancing on my fingertips.

DAWN: Just weird, and the doctors did nothing.

IAN: Only once when it was pierced by a falling acorn, that’s when it started making this god awful wheezing sound, so he went to the doctor’s ten days later.

DAWN (Sings): Acorn under my fontanella, ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, oh, oh.

IAN: Stop…And what about your family Dawn?

DAWN: My dad, I mean Len was a very gentle man, not angry, well actually once he lost his temper.

IAN: Only once?

DAWN: Yeah, see my Len had an allotment where he grew wheat, great big stalks of wheat.

IAN: Wheat?

DAWN: Yeah, golden as Midas’ finger food.

IAN: I bet you never went hungry.

DAWN: I did, a family of bloody coeliacs next door destroyed it, said we were contributing to their ill-health…that’s the only time I saw Len cry….I only heard him the other times.

IAN: That’s a shame, about the wheat that is…

DAWN: Coeliacs destroyed the only interest I shared with my Len and I will never ever forgive them for that.

IAN: I’m sorry…


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