Mesmeric Carston

Carston gets a phone call (presume he owns a mobile) and listens intently saying very little except 'yeah she is' and 'blonde, long'. Dawn flutters her eye lashes in repsonse and runs her fingers through her hair. Our Ian meanwhile has become even more of a recluse and is pictured hugging his beloved tin, practically mute. Carston ends his call, waves the phone in Dawn's direction and in his so-never-going-to-be-in-tune-with-women-voice says: "C'mon we're going. We need scissors, sharp scissors.." Ian flips the lid up on his tin and produces a pair. Carston continues," Give them to Dawn, she's gotta cut all her hair off." Ian naturally looks horrified and mumbles about them being far too blunt. They all get in the car (silence). Amy Winehouse is singing Tears Dry On Their Own. Or maybe Dawn does another of her 'family come first' and 'no need to explain'. They appear at some shops and Carston jumps out and returns with a largish, sharpish looking pair of scissors and thrusts them at Dawn. Jonti bravely asks what this is all about and Carston inpatiently tells them that all IOU's will be off in return for the blonde's hair. Jonti gets a good shot of the scissors glinting in the sun. Jonti asks Dawn how she is feeling about this. Dawn is serene as if she's been waiting all her life for just such a moment. She is about to start cutting when Ian shrieks and points at something. Carston says:"yeah you're right Ian, she needs to start much higher. Here, give them to me." Ian manages to say 'no' and continues to point in the direction of a shop and Jonti (to the rescue) now understands what Ian is trying to convey: he has spotted a wig shop. Ian at last finds his voice and in a masterfully sophisticated way that we haven't seen for a long time, because he truely feels there is another way out of this mess, says: "horse hair Dawns hair who's going to notice the difference?" Dawn sways her head from side to side and suggests that Ian has a point. Carston looks as though he's about to stab somebody with those pesky scissors and maybe launches into some rant about how nobody is taking this seriously enough.

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