Jonti's Way

Jonti finds out that he has been nominated for the 'Young Documentary Maker Of The Year' in the Brighton & Hove gay parade for a film he made about a transsexual dog. The only problem being that he has to be under 30 (which he is by one day on the day of the awards) and available to attend the Brighton & Hove Gay & Lesbian parade back in England, and so Jonti makes his plans to leave the Joneses for a few days. Dawn is hurt that this award means more to him than her and Ian's pain at the loss of Carston/another year passing, and after their recent bickering tells him not to bother coming back, that he's misaligned her chakra and she can never forgive him. Ian backs up Dawn, quietly, as ever. A rather drunken row ensues which neither of them will back down from and Jonti leaves under a cloud the next day, leaving his camera in the confusion. Ian tries to continue the documentary but it doesn't work as he can't use the zoom or the microphone properly - they need to wait until Jonti comes back … if he does come back that is. Suddenly the 'silent' partner is thunderous in his absence, what will they do?

Can be located anywhere, but mostly inside a bar as a few belated birthday drinks become a full on session.

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