Is It Me You're Looking For?


Dawn and Ian blag their way onto a local radio show to drum up publicity for their search.


Small radio station studio.


DJ interviews Dawn and Ian and they launch a national campaign to find their siblings.


Dawn and Ian are in the car listening to local radio – DJ Jonk is speaking English
with a heavy Dutch accent. The station plays cheesy 80’s music and ballads, like
Magic FM.

Ian says he’s always wanted to be a DJ - Dawn says he should never give up his dreams.

Ian remembers the ballads that have always stayed with him: Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’, Kajagoogoo’s ‘Too Shy’, Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’.

It sparks an idea. They imagine what would happen if they got on the radio to publicise the search for their siblings.

Cut to Dawn and Ian banging on the door of the radio station, Dawn persuades the secretary that she’s an old friend of the DJ. They manage to blag their way in.

Dawn is in control, she does the talking and turns on the charm. DJ Jonk is moved by their story and intoxicated by Dawn. He agrees to interview them live on air and play their tune.

During the radio interview, Dawn and Ian tell their story, read out the list of names and appeal to their siblings to get in touch, to the tune of Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for?’.

The interview sparks a wave of responses from listeners claiming to be siblings, and some claiming to be the sperm doner.

Each is vetted using a series of quick fire questions. And each has to sing a verse of ‘Hello’.

Listeners vote to decide which responses are authentic; Dawn, Ian, Jonti and DJ Jonk are the ‘panel of judges’.

The show sparks a regional campaign that leads to an increase in local sales of Lionel Richie afro wigs and moustaches, plus T-shirts bearing ‘Hello’ logos, as a sign of support.

DJ Jonk himself leads the campaign, offering Dawn and Ian regular live phone-in slots, from wherever they are in Europe. Jonk is secretly falling in love with Dawn.

Word spreads and the campaign quickly catches the attention of the national media – Dawn and Ian could become mini celebrities and are invited to appear on TV chat shows to meet the ‘sibling candidates’, face to face. Lionel Richie himself plays live and becomes Dawn and Ian’s ambassador. DJ Jonk feels usurped.

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