Internet Dating Perils


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Stories 'MSrobinson', 40, and 'justaboy', 24, have met on an internet dating site.

Shots, where there faces are not visible, show them progressing into steamier and steamier chat. Time line shown by differing clothes and lighting for times of day.

They soon progress to phone sex where again its shown to happen over a period of time or is interspersed by the chat on line. Interruptions are caused by, in the woman's case, a child's cry of Mummy and/or grumpy husband, and the youth's friends asking if he is going to watch the football and/ or his girlfriend calling.

Finally, theydecide to meet up for an asignation.

The scene is a busy main line station. However, when they meet they take one look at each other and obviously decide it isn't to be.

One of them says "shall we go over there, then? and indicates with his or her head.

In the final scene, they are in a cybercafe, sitting side by side, and resuming their steamy cyber chat.

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