In A Most Peculiar Manor

Dawn and Ian find themselves in Holbrook Manor, a sprawling wooded stretch of countryside, presided over by the manor house. Ian has learned from a passing fortune teller that one of Dawn's siblings may be employed in the service of the Lord of the Manor, but upon arriving find that something is terribly amiss.

Dawn: Looks like a nice place… tea and sandwiches under the tree, the houseboy serving me from a silver platter…

Ian: This is Deliverance country. The backwoods.

Dawn: This is Kent.

Ian: Ha!

Dawn: You suggested we come here…

Ian: Only on the advice of a passing fortune teller.

(They proceed to make their way up a path thickly lined with trees)

Dawn: Did you cross her palm with silver?

Ian: Oh.. yeah. Gave her those coins from Guernsey.

Dawn: What?

Ian: It's alright, she had a major squint, don't think she noticed.

Dawn: Well, that's fine then.

(A gunshot rings out in the woods not far off)

Dawn: Was that…?

Ian: Yes… the rednecks.

Dawn: We're in Kent

Ian: Any second now, Burt Reynolds is going to emerge from the undergrowth…

(There is a rustling in the undergrowth)

Dawn: (whispering) what the hell?

Ian: (shouting) Burt?!

(A man emerges, breathing heavily and dishevelled)

Man: Run… dear god… run… while you still have your… lives.

(He disappears into the trees on the other side of the path)

Dawn: What did he mean?

Ian: We're in the untamed wilderness of deepest Kent, we hear a gunshot, then see a guy running away in a pretty agitated state. So, I think he meant we leave, rapido-style.

Dawn: What style?

Ian: Quickly! It's spanish.

Dawn: But my potential sibling!

Ian: If he works here, in a place where they hunt people through woods with a gun, then I don't really want to meet him Dawn. Plus the sole reason for coming here was on the word of a… mystic gypsy. So, let's GO!

Dawn: Leaving does make sense actually…

(Dawn turns and gazes poignantly back)

Dawn: Goodbye… my brother (another gunshot rings out, very close) shit!

(They scarper)

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