Hard Shoulder

INT: Car.
Car stopped on a motorway hard shoulder. Dawn sits startled, hands trembling at the wheel. Ian outside, hunched over near the bonnet.

Dawn opens the car window.

DAWN: Is it dead?

IAN: Em…..

DAWN: Ian, is it dead?

IAN: Em….

DAWN: Oh my god, I didn’t mean….it just came straight at us….Ian, is it dead?

IAN: Em………yeah, she’s dead now.

DAWN: Oh my god…

Ian lumbers back to the car. Dawn’s teary eyes ebullient. Ian re-enters car.

JONTI: Ian, what was it?

IAN: A sparrow…Dawn you killed a sparrow, that’s two penalty points.

DAWN: I feel terrible, poor thing….It just flew out of nowhere and….I couldn’t do anything.

Ian flicks on the wipers.

IAN: Just get rid of the impact smudge.

The red mark begins to smear across the window.

IAN: Dawn I think, I think… I think she was pregnant.

DAWN: What? Oh Jesus, oh my god…..

JONTI: Ian, how can you tell?

Ian menacingly taps his nose. Dawn sits in silence….eventually rubbing her tear stained face.

DAWN: O.k., o.k, just got to drive on, move on, it’s just a sparrow, a dead sparrow….probably depressed, yeah, pregnant and alone, yeah….a burdened bird. It flew at us, this wasn’t my fault, yeah I’m o.k. ….Where to now?

IAN: Wait, we can’t just leave her there, it’s not right.

DAWN: Where else you gonna leave it?

Ian stares eagerly down at his BISTO tin. Dawn gazes back incredulously.


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