Gottle A Geer

A supermarket (or service station) somewhere in Europe. France For Example.

Ian is trying to buy a bottle of water. He can't pronounce the phrase.

"Un boit de l'eau, sil vous plait."

The shop person shrugs, then squints, then gestures as Ian tries and tries again, mangling the phrase more and more each time.

Eventually Ian manages to point and gesture for a bottle and communicate that he would like to buy it.

The shop person makes a gesture of understanding and hands over the bottle in exchange for some euros. As Ian skulks out, the shop person calls after him in perfect if accented English, "Thank you, please come again!"

(This actually happened to me in Paris.)

Getting back to the car, Ian explains what happened to Dawn. She rolls here eyes knowingly and picks up the (small) bottle and dances it on Ian's shoulder, grimacing and trying to do ventriloquism: "Gottle a geer, gottle a geer".

Ian looks incredulous at her: "It's not beer, it's water."

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