Dead Mums

We learn a bit more about the deaths of Ian and Dawn's Mums. And Ian's Dad.

Scene: near a bullring. Spain. They're near a statue or poster of bullfighting.

Ian: I don't fancy that.

Dawn: No it's very cruel.

Ian: You could.. you could lose an eye. Or worse.

Dawn: Is that what happened to your dad?

Ian: What?

Dawn: Lost his tiddlers.

Ian: No… I.. no. No.

Dawn: Why get a donor then? What was it? Industrial accident?

Ian: He works in a shop.

Dawn: So he caught them in the till?

Ian: No. Look, I didn't even know. Until..


I think he was just sterile.

Dawn: Ahh. Shame.

Ian: I think.. I think my Mum and him tried for quite a long time. She was quite old when she had me. And she died..

Dawn: When you were 10 was it?

Ian: 8.

Dawn: Yeah, quite bad. Mine's more recent though. More raw. You've had chance to get used to it. And the bond between mother and daughter is SPECIAL. Mother and son it's just wash his sheets and rinse the bathmat until he moves out.

Ian: Well, I was close with my Dad and..

Dawn: Not your real Dad, though. Poor thing. Poor me though. Poor old me.

Ian's gone very quiet.

Dawn: I used to love chats with my Mum. She'd yak on about allsorts, I'd yak on about allsorts and somewhere in the middle the world would be put to rights. Oh I miss her. And you've never had that bond. Sigh.

Ian might be crying.

Dawn: Would you plait my hair?

Ian: I don't know how.

Dawn: Can I do yours then?

Ian: OK.

Dawn starts plaiting Ian's hair as best she can.

Dawn: THis is nice, eh?

They sit in silence.

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