Cream Crackered Sketch


This is one of Ian's many skills. It is called upon to find a sibling address/place to visit. Reading Cream Crackers. Passed on to Ian by a long line of 'cc brethren' on the island of Foulness in Essex, where the skill was thought to have come from 'reading' the mud at low tide. Essex mud apparently, has a similar quality to the modern cream cracker. But you knew that didn't you?


Hotel room, bar, cafe, whatever!


Lay out three lines of cream cracker to form a square. Cream cracker reading is based on three distinct signs. The 'nob'(ble), the 'div'(et) and the 'volc' (short for volcano, or those annoying holes that make a mess everywhere).

The relative positions of these cream cracker features determines the fortune of the 'requester'. E.g. three nobs adjacent to a div and four volcs determines spiritual enlightenment and tooth decay factor.

Warning: Do not enter into being a 'requester' lightly. The crackers have the day. You have been warned.


Come on! total ad lib, what do you want spoon feeding?

…but it leads the pair to their next destination and a meeting with……?

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