Corporate Dawn

This got in! Sort of - I like to think I made her dress up. The spectacles are great. Ian is adapting well to his role(s)!

Maybe they can do this:

As Ian is head of diversity, they have a discussion about whether any of the siblings might be mixed race. Ian has radical beliefs about race (in a good way!) and Dawn is impressed. Dawn lies about her mother's racial origins and then changes her mind and adapts to Ian's thinking.

Dawn turns up 'power dressed' because she wants to apply for the next series of The Apprentice so that she can earn enough money to pay the debts she's run up on the search. She asks Jonti to film her 'video cv' in a hotel room. The thing is, she has to do it in the room while Ian sleeps, as, if she wakes him up, he'll disapprove. And spoil it.

  • keep in mind LenaLee, the trip is being more than likely financed by the money Dawn's mum left her when she died
  • would be nice to have Dawn talk about the time she applied for The Apprentice, may be she went into the Dragons Den trying to set up a chain of spiritual healing clinics because she knew a woman from Coventry who was very good .
  • I said Lions Den, I've changed it now, silly me. That's probably a whole different type of show with mauling.

BUT what if they spend too much money on some marketing stunt and are left with nothing..?

FAO The Joneses, I can't take full credit for this idea please credit LenaLee as it was originaly her idea and I just chucked a few lines in it was a group thing. Great stuff.


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