Black Hawk Down

Dawn and Ian are driving listening to the radio.

We hear the signature tune for Gardeners Question Time. Bill Oddie is announced as the special guest panelist.

There is some resentment from the other team members in the studio, who regard Oddie as an amateur ornithologist with only basic knowledge of plants.

Despite the baying, Oddie remains a professional and delivers an anecdote about a blue tit.

"That your largest bird is it, Oddie?"



"I did see a black hawk over the weekend."

"Was it a large specimen or a baby?"

"Hardly bigger than that tit I imagine."

"It was an adult bird and I'd say its wingspan was like this."

As Oddie gestures on the radio, there is the sound of brakes screaming and Ian and Dawn lurch to a halt.

They have narrowly avoided crashing into the car in front, which has stopped at an odd angle in the road due to its driver also listening to the same radio programme and having a heart attack.

"Can anyone corroborate your story?"

The palpable sound of a sadly shaken head.

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