Black Cat


Ian picks up a cat, Dawn doesn't like it.


A street somewhere in Europe, on the way to meet a sibling.


Talking, finding a cat.


Ian and Dawn are walking down a street.
Dawn is checking a map and talking.
Ian isn't listening and is looking around.

Dawn: …along here somewhere.

Ian looks down. The camera follows. There is a black cat there.

Ian picks up the cat and starts stroking it, completely absorbed in what he is doing.

Dawn doesn't notice.

Dawn: Maps are meant to be the same everywhere but they have got different colours and shapes on this one. I mean what's that one, Ian? Is it a church or a pub? Imagine if you got them confused.

Ian continues stroking the cat.

Dawn: I want one of those GPS things but for people, not cars.

Jonti [behind camera]: Well that might be a bit dangerous. You'd walk into people.

Dawn: You wouldn't use it while you were walking. You'd stop, and look, then walk on.

Dawn acts this out in a stacatto manner with the map.

Dawn: Stop, look, walk. Stop, look -

Jonti interrupts her.

Jonti: Or you could have it head mounted. You know, attached to your head.

Dawn: That would be a bit uncomfortable. And if it was over your eyes all the time you'd be even more likely to walk into things. Don't you think Ian?

Dawn turns to look at Ian. She notices the cat and shoots a horrified glance first at the cat, then at the camera, then at Ian.

Dawn: Ian, what's THAT?

Ian doesn't look up from the cat.

Ian: It's a cat.

Dawn: I can see that. What are you doing with it?

Ian: It needed a stroke.

Dawn: It might have rabies.

Ian: It's not foaming at the mouth.

Dawn: It might scratch you.

Ian: It's purring.

Dawn: It might have fleas.

Ian: It's wearing a flea collar.

Dawn: Those are poisonous.

Ian: I'm not touching it's collar.

Dawn looks very seriously at Ian's as Ian tries not to meet her eyes.

Dawn reaches out and holds Ian's shoulder.

Dawn looks at the camera, then catches Ian's eye.

Ian looks up guiltily from the cat to Dawn.

Dawn: Ian, … it's a BLACK CAT. It's unlucky. Put it down.

Fade out.

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