Bill Oddie Sketch

The duo get a tip off that Bill Oddie may be their brother.

They hunt down the wildlife presenter, who is currently filming Springwatch.

When confronted, Oddie is startled and tries to flee, attempting to hide his face with his hands.

Our heros are persistent, and as Oddie runs flapping imaginary wings he is rugby tackled to the ground.

"Are you our brother?" our siblings demand.

Oddie scrunches his eyes.

"How could it be - Oddie is far too old?"

"Perhaps he's not as old as he looks, hey?"

"Have you been deceiving the public Oddie? Are you in fact wearing that beard for its aging effects?"

A buzzard emits its call overhead.

Oddie's ears prick and he opens his eyes, gazing skyward. Buzzard guano splats him in the face.

Siblings turn to face each other grimacing. They give each other a helpless look. Yes, another brother has been returned to the nest.

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