Bag Of Holding


Jonti loses a bet to Ian.


A hotel room.


Jonti asks about Ian's tin. He then loses a series of bets


Everyone is in a hotel room.

Dawn is in the bathroom, busy. She makes noises at inopportune moments during the episode. Singing for example.

Ian is sat on the bed holding his tin.

Jonti is sat somewhere else, holding the camera.

Jonti: [off camera] So what exactly do you have in there?

Ian: Where?

Jonti: The tin.

Ian turns the tin a little. He cradles it like a baby.

Ian: All sorts of things. It's like my Bag Of Holding. Only a tin.

Jonti: A what?

Ian: A tin.

Jonti: I'm just curious about exactly what you've got in there. If I were to bet you a pound that you had, say, a thirteen amp fuse in there for example would-

Ian starts rummaging in his tin.

Jonti: - you be able to-

Ian holds up a fuse.

Jonti: Is that thirteen amp?

Ian looks close at it. He puts it down on the bed, rummages in the tin again, then pulls out another fuse.

Ian looks at the new fuse then puts it carefully on the bed next to the previous one.

Ian starts to rummage in the tin.

Ian stops, looks at the fuses on the bed, arranges them carefully, then returns to rummaging in the tin.

Ian holds up a fuse, looks very closely at it, starts to hold it up, then double checks it.

Ian holds up the thirteen amp fuse triumphantly.

Jonti: Okay double or quits. Do you have a -er- a piece of Lego in there?

Ian rummages in the tin and holds one up.

Jonti: A hotel bar of soap?

Ian rummages in the tin and holds one up.

Jonti: A paperweight?

Ian rummages in the tin and holds one up.

Ian: That's eight pounds.

Jonti: No I didn't say the others were double or quits.

Ian: You didn't say they weren't.

The camera turns sideways and rocks a little as Jonti places it on the table to look for some money.

Jonti: I've only got Euros.

Ian: What's the exchange rate?

Jonti: [lying] It's about two euros to the pound.

Ian is lost in thought for a moment.

Ian: So that's about three pounds then?

Jonti: Er, yes.

Ian: You can owe me.

Fade out.

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