After a frustrating day of uncovering misnomers, the trio relax in a car park.

Dawn: Look at us, nearly 50 days on the road and not one argument. We really are that close…Jonti don’t you think? We’re like Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson, the best of friends in spite of everything.

Ian: Kenneth Branagh was born in Belfast.

Dawn: Really…He doesn’t sound like a terrorist.

Ian: No, well not anymore……..Terrorism – the deadliest ism of them all.

Dawn: Botulism?

Ian: Feminism?

Dawn: Embolism?

Ian: Hypnot….

Dawn: Ian stop…Look when we get to the town square we can put up some more of these missing posters, o.k?

Dawn holds up shoddy A3 posters of her artistic interpretation of ??????? (her yet to be named sibling). Ian nods.

Jonti: Dawn do you think it’s worthwhile putting up missing posters during a local election? They might be eclipsed by, well the mass of election posters.

Dawn: Election posters? I thought they were all missing persons.

Jonti: No, em…..

Ian (pointing to various election poster): I’d find her first, him second and…

Jonti: Ian, search and rescue don’t use proportional representation.

Ian stares vacantly.

Ian: …………..Sexism.

Fade Out.

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