A Cup Of Tea

Dawn gets in a car with Ian and discovers a cup of tea perched precariously upon the dashboard. Thinking its for her she goes to drink it, only to be forcefully stopped by Ian, who declares that it's not there for her to drink because he is in fact going out with it.

He is in a relationship with the steaming hot, white with two sugars, cup of tea, and it's made him happier than he's ever felt in his life, and he's not continuing on this adventure unless it can come too.

Dawn, not wanting to be left out of the new relationship action decides that Jammie Dodger biscuits are the only way to confront Ian's new misguided relationship. (A recall from Episode 37 - see below)

As she admires the plum jam of the shortbread snack, she recalls the etymology of the Jammie Dodger (it's her Mastermind subject) From the French Wars of Religion in the 16th century to Millwall football club.

Ian, feeling unerved that his tea is inadequate without a jammie dodger and resigns to that fact that family is a never ending tea party and someone has always got to bring the biscuits before someone can take the biscuit.

Jonti asks where cake fits into the tea party metaphor.

Dawn snaps "My mother, bless her soul, always told us to eat cake!"

"Mine too" Ian replies. "But I never had it on my birthday"

"What did you have?" Jonti asks.

"Jelly - in various colours and shapes" Ian fondly remembers. (Cut shots to various jellies in animal shapes)

"My favourute was the bright blue rabbit jelly" - the wobble was always just right

"Right for what?" Dawn asks

"For its size." Ian blankly states

"How big was it?" Jonti asks.

"3 foot 2 inches" Ian proudly exclaims. "From it's ears to it's toes."

"But that was then. Tea is my new love. But I wish the colour could be inproved. I wish I could have a blue tea."

"Careful what you wish for Ian" Jonti points out, as a giant letter T walks past them.

"I always wished for a large family" Ian said.

"One Jammie dodger at a time Ian, one at a time" Dawn reflects

"Ian!" shouts a girl.

(It's Cherry.)

Ian looks up, freaks and drops the hot tea all over his lap, flinches, knocks the jammie dodgers out of Dawn's hand, pushing over Jonti, leaving the camera looking up at Cherry who is holding a 3foot 2inch blue rabbit.

"How did you know I was here? On my birthday of all days?"

"Luck." Ian says.

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