31 Jul 2007

Happy now?

The crew are driving along a long stretch of road which is really busy. Ian sits in the back eating crisps. Dawn is driving while being interviewed by Jonti (in the passenger seat) trying to make it to the airport/train on time.

A buzzing distracts Ian in the back, while Dawn conducts another monologue about the meaning of life and what she misses most about life back home i.e.the shopping channel. Ian's flailing catches her attention in the mirror. He thinks there's a fly in the car but it's not. It's much bigger, it's a as big as a bee. The bee flies to the front of the car, distracting Dawn scaring the passenger ( Carsten?)

The passenger tries to swat the bee but Dawn does her nut, they're a protected species their all dying out. Dawn wants the bee guided out of the car. Dawn insists they open the windows, and slows the car down. The passenger winds down a window, so does Ian.

After rejecting a comedy list of unsuitable implements. The passenger empties a bag of Ian's monster mash or whatever, and somehow captures the bee. Dawn shrieks him to be careful not to harm the bee as the bag flies out of the car window. Ian watches aghast as his last bag of crisps disappears down the motorway, visibly upset.

Dawn hassles Jonti to wind the window up quickly and happy now lectures on the good deeds done.

Ian asks if he should wind his up now as the smart bee flies back into the car via Ian's window. You can tell because Ian goes into spasms.

There are a number of ways to go with this, maybe Ian thniks he's swallowed the bee,and has to be taken to hospital;

maybe Dawn won't counternance killing the bee and parks the car and makes everyone sit outside until the bee departs in its own good time until she finds it's a wasp and then tw**ts it against the window with her shoe?

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