2007 08 01

EuroDisney Idea:

Carston gets a tip off that Lenny ‘the kid’ Trubshaw is going to make a switch of ‘the tapes’ at Euro Disney (We obviously ‘don’t need to know’ as ,Carston might put it, exactly what ‘the tapes’ really are – he maybe suggests they are some music recordings that were stolen from him but I think everyone knows differently). The way Carston behaves suggests that getting ‘the tapes’ back seems pretty important to him. Lenny is selling ‘the tapes’ to a Ukrainian agent (Carston tells them he is a talent scout for new rap artisits!). Jonti enquires as to why, if this is just to do with music, the sale is handled in such a strange way? Carston suggests that ever since Napster things have been very different.

Carston’s source, Mighty ‘Hatchet’ McVitie (his man on the inside and cooked meats supplier at some of his restaurants) seems to have given them some details of the switch.

‘The tapes’ will be in a black or possibly light grey briefcase, Lenny ‘the kid’ Trubshaw, being a master of disguise, will be decked out to fit his surroundings as much as possible. He will be in a full Disney character's costume and Mighty (who is always thorough in his research) knows that Star Dancewear (in Romford, the costume shop that Trubshaw tends to use) currently has a Pluto costume rented out to a Mr Trevor Rubshaw. McVitie, whose aunt used to work for GCHQ in Cheltenham, after several hours of work with various decoding algorithms unscrambles the code coming up with the surname Trubshaw. Surely not a coincidence! So it seems they will be looking out for a Pluto on the day and the fact that Lenny will be carrying a suitcase should make him relatively easy to spot.

The only other bit of information coming from McVitie is the day the switch will happen and the dialogue that will occur between Trubshaw and ‘the contact’. Unfortunately McVitie has no information on ‘the contact’s’ choice of costume or the area of the park the switch will occur, or the exact time so they will need to be there all day and cover all areas of the park as best they can. Ian insist on 'Adventure' land because of his D and D experience, the rest don't dispute this. A bugged phone message suggests the switch will go like this.

Trubshaw: “Phew, it’s really hot in these costumes?”
‘The contact’: “At least you can pant as a way of keeping your core body temperature down”.
[ McVitie had another clue here to match up with the Romford Star Dancewear lead. Dogs pant but mice do not, so straight away ruling out a Mickey and Minnie mouse costume for Trubshaw. This is the sort of level of thinking that a top super sleuth like McVitie needs to function at; it is certainly several layers of thinking above what most of us can muster. ]

The boys and Dawn then spend time preparing for the big day. A bit like Michael Caine in the Italian Job roles are given out and details are gone over meticulously with a flip chart. On the day Ian will be in charge of buying the arm bands (for a days worth of free rides), Dawn has to get the disguises. As they are a bit short of cash Dawn decides that she and Ian do not need disguises as Trubshaw doesn’t know them. She decides that a fairly cheap kid’s mask will suffice for Carston as they can’t afford to hire out a full Disney costume. Mobile phones will be the way they communicate with each other on the day (despite Ian’s protestations Dawn decides not to waste money on walkie talkies).

The plan is then to basically circulate the park on the look out for a Pluto (probably) character carrying a brief case. Jonti is to move between them and make it look like he’s making a picture about the park itself. When (and not if, it is important to stay positive) they spot Pluto/Trubshaw Ian is to cause a diversion by knocking into Pluto/Trubshaw with a double ice-cream cone (sans flake so not a 99, this was considered an unnecessary expense since it was only going to end up on the floor). At this point Dawn snatches the case and they all scatter and make their way back to Snowy (the choice of Dawn seems to be down to the fact that she has the best 100 metre time and used to always win at the 80 yard dash at sports day). Ian suggests that this is probably enough to get away from Trubshaw, particularly since it will be hard for him to run in a Disney costume (fancy dress guys/girls don’t tend to go too fast in the London Marathon on TV. Infact if Trubshaw had chosen a deep sea diver’s costume they could have just walked away from him after snatching the briefcase).

All psyched up for the big day, when they get to Eurodisney it turns out that it is closed for maintenance. Carston is understandably very distressed by this as McVitie is normally a very reliable source (getting the day right is obviously crucial to any operation of this nature, he may have to reconsider his relationship with him in future operations). It seems ‘the tapes’ have slipped through Carston’s fingers yet again.

There will be other days!

The end.

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