Welcome to the Where are the Joneses? wiki site. Where are the Joneses? is a daily comedy, shot entirely for the web and it’s very funny. But the best thing about Where are the Joneses? Is that it’s written by the Where are the Joneses? community. It’s written by you!

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Who's the Daddy?
After discovering that she is the product of sperm donation, all fathered by the same sperm donor, Dawn has been searching…
Be the voice of a sibling!
We want a Jones community member to play an unseen sibling and we urgently need you…
The end is nigh
Well my friends, the time is drawing near. ‘Where are the Joneses?’ is nearly over…

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Get involved


Submit your ideas and they’ll be written into the episodes. Ideas can be gags, locations, themes, silliness, anything you can think of!

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Write a script or contribute to someone elses. This is for people who like to script dialogue in detail.

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Invent a new character or why not put yourself forward as a character and star in an episode or two. Go on. You’re a natural!

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Hang out with the fans and production team and tell us how we can make the show even better.

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