2008 08 18

Keys or Ethics are for cowards.


dawn and ian lose the keys to snowy. michael has taken them to inject some drama into his film


hmmmm…anywhere snowy can fit. i here slovakia is nice this time of year.


dawn ian michael j knight


ext. car park. day.

dawn and ian walk towards snowy.

dawn. feeling better now. bet youre full after your Halušky.

ian. yeah. it was very nice actually. if a bit heavy. maybe a tad doughy.

dawn. my Strapačky is weighing a bit on me now…

dawn feels her stomach.

dawn. maybe i shouldnt have had that second helping. it is difficult to say no to someone when you dont speak the language.

ian. yeah. plus you dont want to offend…it might be like some big cultural thing…

dawn… yeah.

dawn feels around her bag for the keys.

dawn. have you got the keys ian.

ian. no you're keys officer.

dawn. i know. its just i cant find them…

dawn and ian look at each other in fear. they then begin to run to where they left snowy…

thankfully snowy is where they left her.

dawn. thank god…for a moment there…i thought we'd lost her.

they bend over and catch their breaths.

dawn. open her up then ian.

ian. i dont have the keys.

dawn. i know. but you have skills. i saw you open that flat up and didnt have a key.

ian. that was different. besides that was a one off. i dont have the skills to open snowy without the zapper thing.

dawn. then what are we going to do.

ian. i dont know…

dawn. find a brick.

ian. what.

dawn. find a brick.

ian. no. no. i couldnt. not to snowy. that would be like hitting a member of my family. again.

dawn. well weve got to do something or else were stuck here.

ian. even if we broke in…we couldnt start her. i dont know how.

dawn. oh it.ll be easy. in every other film ive seen someone hotwires a car. in die hard 3 Samuel L Jackson starts a car wiith a knife. its easy.

ian. not that im saying you couldnt. those are films and they…lie.

dawn. well what are we going to do.

ian. we could…we could retrace our steps. they do that in films and there are no knifes involved.

dawn. alright. but if i cant find them im going john mclane. well maybe not John Mclane, that was Bruce Willis. But his mate. Sam Jackson

ian. okay….

dawn and ian walk away despondant. retracing their steps.

when they are far enough away for a. them not see. b. it to be funny. michael pulls out the keys and holds them in front of the camera.

mjk. ethics are for cowards.


by david martin. moc.liamg|ekipmnolubez#moc.liamg|ekipmnolubez http:www.aboutblankmedia.com http://www.myspace.com/aboutblankmedia

p.s. i cant remember the film with the scene with some guy using a knife to start a car. it was immensely cool and i often want to take a knife and jam it in the keyhole and drive through a billboard or off an unfinished bridge. but i never do. this will bug me and when i remember ill put it in.

P.P.S It was die hard 3. or die hard with a vengeance as it is more commonly known. I had an inkling it would be but couldn't remember exactly. But my brother put me straight. He remembers it fondly to.

Chester would have approved of the bottle thing btw.

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