2008 08 06

I was considering the character i had creted of Jack Nibbs and i had an idea of how he could work in the story. i jotted down a sort of idea/script and put it hear from people to change edit as they see fit.

Chris :)


Daytime. Ian and Dawn are Sat in the car Dawn hangs up the phone.

Dawn: We have a rescue mission.

It’s evening/night. Dawn and Ian are outside a large house crouched behind a bush or wall Dawn is holding a baseball bat.

Dawn: Ian would you please stop breathing on me.

Ian: I’m Sorry Dawn…. It just that… I’m well… couldn’t…

Dawn: What Ian, what?

Ian: Is this really the best way to do this?

Dawn: We have had a calling Ian. A calling on my phone. From one of our own flesh and blood. And they need help.

Ian: But this could be seen as trespassing. I’m not sure I am quite ready for this.

Johnti: I think ian might have a point there.

Dawn: why don’t you be quiet Jonti. Perhaps when you have spent year not knowing most of your family, only to discover one is being held prisoner by a crazed woman posing as his mother… maybe then I’ll take your advice.

Ian: We don’t really know if she is crazed….

Dawn: Don’t be a coward Ian. This is your chance. All those years couped up playing war games and for what?

Ian: My dad told me to…

Dawn: No Ian! For this! This is war Ian. A possible brother of ours is stuck inside with a mad woman, and we are here to bust him out. You can do this Ian. Think Ian, all those games, all those army’s defeated. All those elves and dwarfs slaughtered from the rolls of your dice. Well Ian its time for you to roll the dice of life. You can do this.

Ian: You’re right. I can do this!

Dawn: let’s do this. (They clasp each others hands is team spirits)

They run around the wall, and throw a stone to an upstairs window. It opens and Jack Nibbs pokes his head out.

Jack: (shouts) DAWN ! YOU CAME!

Ian and Dawn panic at the noise and ‘shh’ him.

Jack: (whispers) Sorry! Sorry… have you got the stuff (Dawn waves her bat) ok go round the side, I’ll distract her and when she comes out, then you hit her. Ok?

Ian: Yes sir! (salutes)

Dawn: that was good Ian. Like a real soldier!…

Ian: thanks but I would prefer to be an elf. They have higher battle statistics and are better with weapons…

Dawn: (cutting over him) …lets go.

The creep around the side of the house and stand against the corner of a wall bat raised ready to attack. We hear something shattering, there are raised voices. Jack bursts out shouting running towards Dawn and her bat who can’t see him round the corner.

Jack: Forget it she knows!! She knows! She’s Sodding coming! Run! Run!

Whack!- as he comes round the corner Dawn - thinking its his mum – smacks him out cold with her bat! There is commotion as a door slams. Dawn desperately tries to life the unconscious Jack

Dawn: Quick Ian… quick we need to shift him.

Ian: He’s too big… I can’t pick him up..

Dawn: … come on Ian. Jonti put that camera down and give us a hand.

Fades out.

Fades In

Dawn, Ian and Jonti are in the car the unconscious jack is jammed in there too. They are driving away, being chased by police.

Dawn: That’s it ian…. Come on… I think we’re losing them…..

Jonti: I don’t know why we don’t just stop;

Dawn: and let our poor brother go back to that mad woman.

Johnti: they are going to know who we are by our registration number.

Dawn: I have already thought of that. I got Ian to spray paint the registration out in case we were followed.

Ian: er… yeah, about that Dawn…I couldn’t actually paint over the reg.

Dawn: why?

Ian: Well I couldn’t afford the paint.

Dawn: For goodness sake ian why didn’t you tell me.

Ian: I thought.. that perhaps… it didn’t really matter.. and you would see it anyway.

Dawn: (pause)Turn the camera of Jonti. TURN THE CAMERA OFF!

Fade out

The Next Day

Fade in

Daytime. In a field somewhere. We can see Ian trying to revive Jack, Johnti is keeping his distance with the camera and Dawn is stood away from them all.

Ian: He’s Coming round. Dawn over here… he’s coming round.

Johnti and Dawn run over to Ian as jack comes round.

Dawn: Jack… Jack can you hear me…It’s Dawn.

Jack: Am I dead…. You look like and angel.

Dawn: did you hear that Ian? He said I look like an angel… no Jack, I’m not an angel… I’m Dawn. I’m Your sister.

Jack: My sister… (He leaps forward and hugs Dawn. She is delighted at first but when he clings on it becomes and uncomfortably long hug.)

Dawn: ok…. Yes… ok thanks… Jack… yes its good to see you too… ok… let go now…. Yes … jack let go! (He does) And this is Ian. You’re Brother.

Jack: My brother… (Again he leaps onto Ian)

Dawn: (Patting jack arm) that it jack you give Ian a nice big long hug.

Jack: (near tears, still hugging) my family my family.

//Fade out

Fade In//

Dawn sat. Talking to Johnti and the camera. Jack and Ian in the background ian showing jack something from his Tin.

Johnti: So how do you feel now that you have found Jack?

Dawn: It’s an amazing feeling. Not only have I found another of my siblings. But he really cares about our cause. He really wants us to succeed. It’s nice for Ian as well because they seem to have really bonded. Ian was telling Jack about his the wargames and Jack seems to love the idea.

Johnti: Is he what you expected he would be like?

Dawn: Well at first when he ran away I thought he must have been touched but…

Johnti: Not Ian I meant Jack.

Dawn: oh Jack… No. Not really no. I mean I can see similarities. He obviously has a lot more in common with Ian but he seems to have a good heart. You know he really cares for people, like I do. But unlike me, he does have a hygiene problem. And there is this habit of scratching himself a lot. But those are thing I think we can help him with. He’s not well educated and he appears simple, but I think deep down he’s actualy a deep thinker. But I’m pretty sure we can make use for him.

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