2007 08 29


DAWN and IAN have made their way to Dover – wanting to get to Calais to seek down a French Jones brother and sister. Broke, IAN goes into a supermarket and leaves DAWN outside in the car. He witnesses the STORE MANAGER giving over a cash prize to a LUCKY WINNER – he steals the money, manages to shake off the STORE MANAGER who pursues him and runs back to the car.

DAWN is talking to a POLICEMAN at the Car – IAN shits it and turns on his heels – two PRIESTS stand smoking outside a pub. He approaches them and begs forgiveness for thieving. They absolve him and say they will take the money and give it to the Police. Tearful he accepts. They promise they wont turn him in.

The PRIESTS call over the POLICEMAN who had been talking to DAWN. IAN watches as the PRIESTS and POLICEMAN laugh and rub their hands. They go into the Pub. There is a banner above the door ‘FANCY DRESS PARTY’.

The STORE MANAGER boots IAN up the arse. There is a scuffle. DAWN pulls IAN to safety. They drive off. IAN gives the fingers to the LUCKY WINNER. PRIESTS and POLICEMAN kill themselves with laughter whilst having a cig outside the pub.


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