2007 08 16


This episode introduces the mysterious 'man in white' who is following Ian. His eye is always on Ian's Bisto tin. There is something in it he needs and he needs it badly enough to do anything to get to it.


Suitable square, piazza, etc. coming out of hotel or other such building.


Ian and Dawn go to square and find a seat to eat some salmon and cottage cheese bagels. Opening the food bag, Dawn sees man in white looking at them from across the square…


Dawn (pointing): Ian, that man over there

Ian (not looking up): No really he's not

Dawn: not what?

Ian: What?

Dawn: I said what. What do you know of that man in white?

Ian: What man in white?

Dawn (raised voice): That one over there with the binoculars, he's looking at us…you

Ian: Is he? Didn't notice.

Ian puts down Bisto tin to unwrap a bagel. Man start to run at them.

Dawn: Ian do you recognise him?

Ian: I don't like cottage cheese Dawn.

Dawn: He's coming over here Ian, he's coming right at us. Quick…

Before Dawn can gather herself, man in white snatches at the Bisto tin but Ian has hold of it tightly again. Dawn picks up food bag and hits man in white over head with it. Bagels fly everywhere.

Ian holds on tightly.

Ian (raised voice): No! not now, not now Reg

Man in white, covered in cottage cheese and salmon bagel lets go of tin and runs off.

Dawn: Who is reg? Did you know that man? Why did he want the tin Ian?

Ian: What man?

Dawn: The man in the suit

Ian: What suit?

Dawn: The white suit

Ian: What white suit?

Dawn (turns to camera): Jonti did you see that man?

Jonti: No dawn, I was filming you

Dawn: What's going on Ian. Did you know that man?

Ian: What man?

Dawn: Ian!!!

Dawn walks off across the square.

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