2007 08 14

Dawn and Ian are walking up to the door of a house where they think thay may find the next person on the list, a man called James Cagney. As they approach the door they suddenly find themselves amidst a fracas, as a man carrying a satchel runs past, with another man chasing him. judging from his accent, the man giving chase is a Noo Yoiker:

"Stop! Stop that man! He's got my bag!"

He abruptly stops running and collapses. He starts clutching his chest but defiantly continues to shake his fist in the air, gasping, "Why, aorta?!"

Dawn and Ian take him to the hospital. They discover he is James Cagney.

When James awakes, he is bitter and ungrateful to hear the news about his origins. He threatens to beat up Ian:

James (feebly reaching forwad): "I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Falls back, knackered.

Dawn (snapping on a latex glove, standing between a frightened Ian and James): "Yeah? Well, I'm gonna wipe some!"

Next scene:

Outside toilet door. Ian and Dawn's voices can be heard:

Ian: "Thanks for doing this, Dawn. My reach just isn't as good as it used to be."
Dawn: "Anytime, you're my brother, remember?"

The door opens, they walk out. Ian is clutching an icepack to his forehead.

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