2007 08 06

A Car Judge Dredd would borrow.

Synopsis: Ian reveals his fascination with the modernity of Snowy during a rare moment sat in the driving seat.

Location: Car Park, could be anywhere really.

Characters: Jonti, Ian, Dawn.


IAN is sat in the driving seat with the door wide open, he is examining the many buttons that comprise Snowy, the thoroughly modern vehicle that she is. IAN sips occasionally at a sports drink.

JONTI: Are you going to do some driving Ian?

IAN: No. I just wanted to see what it looked like from this side.

JONTI: Does it look much different.

IAN: Not really. I wanted to have a look at these buttons. A lot of buttons for a car. It looks very futuristic.

JONTI: Bit like an airplane or spaceship?

IAN: No.

JONTI: What do you think it looks like Ian?

IAN: Like a car from the future. I imagine cars in the future will have lots of buttons, and they'll probably drive themselves and talk.

JONTI: Like Knightrider.

IAN: Yeah. But less smug I would expect. More defferential.

JONTI: I see.

IAN: I could see Judge Dredd driving this car.

JONTI: (SURPRISED) Really? Isn't the car a bit…feminine.

IAN: I don't mean when he's working, he'd stick to the bike obviously. I don't think Snowy could handle the necessary modifications that would make it suitable for day in day out Judicial work in Mega City One.

JONTI: So when then.

IAN: I mean he could borrow it. To help a friend move or something. The boots quite big and that.

JONTI: Do you think Judge Dredd helps a lot of people move, I wouldn't have thought Judge Dredd has a lot of friends?

IAN: He has a few. I imagine with the high crime rate and the various disasters that happen in Mega City One you'd have to move every now and again. Just to be on the safe side.

JONTI: Would you like to live in Mega City One Ian?

IAN: Erm, I've thought about this on and off quite a bit. I think it might be quite an interesting place to visit for the afternoon. Like an Aquarium or Pompeii but I wouldn't want to live there, it just wouldn't be practical really.

JONTI: mmmm.

IAN: Or maybe it could be like the next town a long or something. Like I could live in London and Mega City One could be like…where Reading is.

JONTI: Just far enough away.

IAN: Yeah.

JONTI: So you wouldn't want to be a judge then Ian.

IAN: Not really, a lot of pressure involved, although there are comparisons.

JONTI: Are there? Like what.

IAN: I'm on a quest. Dredd goes on quests. Dredd went into Cursed Earth looking for his father, who he was cloned from. And I'm in Europe looking for my dad, who was a sperm donor.

JONTI: What's cursed Earth?

IAN: It's the middle of America that's been destroyed by a Nuclear war in 2070 outside the Mega Cities. It's like a radioactive desert that's full of mutants.

JONTI: And you're saying Europe is like that.

IAN: There are comparisons…Well not Europe, The world really. The worlds a scary place full of Scary people. Like Carston for instance.

JONTI: You think Carston was…is a mutant?

IAN: A bit, or like…a clone gone wrong. Like one of Dredd's brothers.

DAWN arrives back to the car.

DAWN: Come on out you get. We've got to be moving on.

JONTI: (TO DAWN) Do you like Judge Dredd.

DAWN: I think she's harsh but fair… but very funny.

IAN gets out of the drivers seat.

JONTI: I think you mean judge judy.

DAWN: Who did you say?

IAN: Judge Dredd.

DAWN: Oh, I don't know are they the same?

DAWN looks at IAN.

IAN: There are comparisons.

DAWN gets in the car and IAN tramps around to the passenger side.


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