2007 08 05


Synopsis: IAN and DAWN head back to Amsterdam after they realise that the Anne Frank Museum is there and Cherry might be there…

Location: Anne Frank Museum. Cafe.

Cast: Dawn, Ian, Jonti.


DAWN and IAN are sat around a cafe table. The Bisto Tin and Sports Drink are on the table.

JONTI: So…Why are we back in Amsterdam Dawn? Haven't we been here once?

DAWN: We have, we have. However, I feel we have some unfinished business here.
Don't we?

IAN nods.

IAN: Dawn was talking about Anne Frank again and she was saying how she always wanted to go to the house where she lived…

DAWN: Well the Attic mainly…

IAN: and the museum and I said why didn't you go when we were in Amsterdam.


JONTI: You forgot that Anne Franks House was in Amsterdam?

DAWN: I didn't forget. It temporarily slipped my mind, I had other things on my mind didn't we. The Quest. Looking for Cherry.

JONTI: But you thought Cherry was working in a museum in Amsterdam so why didn't you go then.

DAWN: Look the whens, why's and hows aren't important right now. The here's are important and we're here. Well we will be when we go and we're there.

JONTI: Why do you say you that Anne Frank's story is the story of your life?

DAWN: (LAUGHS INCREDULOUSLY) What! Can you not tell. We have so much in common.

JONTI: Like what specifically, because from an outside perspective you're stories are both…quite different.

DAWN: How do you mean?

JONTI: Well, She was a young girl trapped in an attic for 2 years hiding from the Nazi's in war time and you're kind of free to go where you like around Europe looking for your siblings in a nice car.

DAWN: I'm not talking about the actual events, our actual lives. I'm talking about a much higher level. We're the same on an emotional level.



DAWN: (As if it's obvious) We're both oppressed. Anne was oppressed by a brutal, murderous regime that caused her to hide in an attic for two years and i'm oppressed by my quest. And all the things sent to try me.

JONTI: But what I'm trying to get across is that Anne Frank's life was…worse.

DAWN: How do you know?

JONTI: I've read the book, and I've spent time with you. The difference is…quite a lot.

DAWN: But were you there in 1942 to 1944, I don't think so. So how would you really know. I know I wasn't there but. You know trust me.

JONTI: Because it's a diary, of you know, her thoughts and feelings and there was a war on and she was eventually gassed by the nazi's.

DAWN: it wasn't all doom and gloom, she had some good times.

JONTI: Yeah, but she was stuck in an attic. For two years. And then gassed. You're not.

DAWN: You see you wouldn't understand because you're not a woman, I understand Anne on a level you never could and believe me our plights are just the same. In some senses.

JONTI: Could you give me some examples maybe.

DAWN: Well don't we all on some levels live in terror. We could be blown up any minute by terrorists.

IAN perks up and looks around.

JONTI: Is that something that bothers you. Terrorism.

DAWN: No. But it could be. I have my own crosses to bare. I mean the search for instance, Anne Frank would buckle under the pressure of searching for the Joneses. Anyone can live in an attic for two years. I mean look at big brother.

JONTI: But thats only like for 3 months. And no-ones after them because of their religion or ethnicity or what they believe in.

DAWN: Oh really. What about the girl who said the racist thing. Hounded she was. Hounded.

JONTI: That's…That's…I think we should leave it there.

DAWN: Good. I've been dying for a wee for the last five minutes.

DAWN gets up.

DAWN: I bet Anne Frank could go for a wee whenever she liked.

DAWN leaves.

Out on IAN keeping very quiet.


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