2007 08 04

The Aquarium

Synopsis: Dawn and Ian go to an aquarium to for some down time and hopefully to overcome their ordeal.

Location: Hmmmmm, How's about an Aquarium.

Characters: Dawn, Ian


DAWN is looking at some sharks behind glass.

JONTI: So Dawn why are we here at the Aquarium?

DAWN: Well I just thought what with everything, the…excitement of the last couple of days, you know the violence, the many goes through the car washes I just thought Ian and I could use a rest. A bit of a break. You know a change is as as good as a rest.

JONTI: So you thought you'd look at some sharks (BEAT) for a rest.

DAWN shakes her head.

DAWN: Yeah…


IAN is smiling broadly as he stares down at the manta rays swimming in their tank.

JONTI: You look very happy today Ian.

IAN: Yes.

JONTI: Do you like sealife Ian?

IAN: Some of them.

JONTI: I take it you like Manta Rays?

IAN: Yes.

JONTI: Why do you like Manta Rays Ian?

IAN: I find them calming.

JONTI: You do?

IAN: Mmmmm.

JONTI: What's calming about them?

IAN: Their flatness. I find their flatness very calming.


DAWN is still admiring Sharks.

JONTI: You're spending an awfully long time with the Sharks Dawn.

DAWN: Well there the most interesting thing here aren't they. I could go to a beach and sea crabs or Jellyfish…

JONTI: You might see a Shark on a beach.

DAWN: Not up close like this. Not Mano E Mano. Not face to face. Not on a level playing field.

JONTI: But it's behind…2 foot of glass or something.

DAWN: But we can see each other, we can look at each other in the eye.

JONTI: Why would you want to do that?

DAWN: I have a lot of empathy with the shark.

JONTI: You empaphise with Sharks?

DAWN: They're very misunderstood animals. I feel I understand them.

JONTI: What do you…How…I don't…I don't Under…

DAWN: A shark, right, can smell a drop of blood from like a million miles a way. It's hunting, always hunting, searching for something. And you know like I can hunt down a fellow brother and sister, a jones, from like 27 miles away. We're alike in so many ways. I understand it's neverending quest.

JONTI: But yours probably will end. When you find everybody.

DAWN: What if I take a break? I could just stay here in the Aquarium for like a year or something.

JONTI: Why would you want to?

DAWN: I don't want to, all I am trying to get across is that the quest could be neverending.

IAN arrives holding the customary Bisto tin and sports drink.

DAWN: D'you enjoy that Ian? Looking at the Manta Rays?

IAN: Yes I feel very relaxed now.

JONTI: Dawn was just saying how she was like a shark.

IAN takes a look at a shark in the shark tank and then back at DAWN.

IAN: I can see that.

IAN nods sagely. The comment escapes DAWN who is examining some info on Sharks.


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