2007 07 25

INT: Hotel Room. Camera (upside down) close in on bedside lamp.
(O/S) Door Bangs.

Dawn: (O/S) Ian hurry up, we have to check out in….Jonti? Jonti?

Ian: (O/S) I’m ready now.

Dawn picks up the camera.

Dawn: Brute of a thing isn’t it!

Ian: Put it down.

Dawn zooms in on Ian’s face.

Dawn: Oh Ian you look terrible.

Ian: It’s the lighting, please Dawn put it down, you’ll break it.

Dawn: Oh you’re no fun…Oh my god, lets surprise Jonti, yeah. See how he likes being the fly on the wall.

Ian: I don’t….

Dawn: C’mon Ian, we’re just being playful.

Dawn pushes Ian out the door, unsteady camerawork. Dawn films Ian as they walk the length of the corridor.

Dawn: I could really get used to this…amazing, this camera picks up everyth….Ian does telly really add ten pounds? Ian?

Ian: Dawn…Can wasps land on nettles?

Dawn: What?

Ian: I mean who would get stung first?

Dawn: Ian please.

Ian: Or would they just cancel each other out?

Dawn: Sshhhh

The duo reach Jonti’s hotel room door, which lies ajar. Ian about to knock.

Dawn: No, surprise him.

Dawn pushes a reluctant Ian through the doorway into a darkened room.

Dawn: Jonti Bloom the tables have turned….Where is he?

(O/C) Shower running.

Dawn: Sshh

Camera focuses on bathroom door.

Dawn: Ian you first.

Ian: No, I don’t think…

Dawn: Ian.

Dawn shoves Ian towards door. A reticent Ian enters and walks straight back out.

Dawn: Well?

Ian: He’s not there.

Dawn: What?

Dawn enters with unsteady camera. Shower running, steam rising. Dawn slides back shower door. Camera zooms in on small A4 poster of a smiling Nick Broomfield adhered to the shower wall. Camera pans to Ian’s bemused face.

Both slowly back out of the bathroom. Stand in silence in the darkened hotel room……Jonti enters.

Jonti: Oh ahh, what em?

Dawn: em we just…here’s your camera.

Dawn hands camera to Jonti. Dawn and Ian exit quickly.
Jonti fiddles with the camera – settles – camera zooms in on ajar bathroom door.

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