2007 07 20

Dawn's Birthday

Synopsis: Dawn wakes up even more full of life than usual in the car. Her phone goes several times with text messages, she gets a bit emotional. It is Dawn's birthday and she decides to treat everyone by promising to put them up in a fairly swish hotel for that night. She makes a reservation using a public phone box as her battery is low from all the incoming texts. When she gets back to the others she realises that she has left her purse in the booth. She gets Ian to run like the wind in the windmill sails to go and retrieve it, Jonti runs after him.
On arriving at the phone booth it turns out that the purse has gone. He goes to turn away then notices a card in the window of a matcho looking guy in a fireman's outfit. He calls the number but you don't get to hear the conversation. When they get back to Dawn she is distraught that she has lost her purse and that she has basically been funding the whole operation and now they will have to all go back home. Ian tells her not to worry and that his tin holds the answer to their problems. Jonti mocks him over this. Ian pulls out an old bus pass holder with bits of paper stuck in it, he tells them that it is his autograph book/ well wallet.
Ian hands a piece of paper to Dawn, she reads it out loud "Brian Blessed". Ian tells her to turn it over, Antonio Banderas's autograph is on the back. Dawn is convinced that this could get them serious bucks in Madrid (as he is a local boy) and they go on a mission to try and sell it. It turns out that the locals don't seem to know who Antonio Banderas is and there is much discussion about how sad it is that he has been Hollywoodised and totally removed from his roots, so much so that even his own dad would not recognise him.
They then get a lead, a man in a shop seems interested in the autograph and tells them to come back later to meet a friend of his who is a serious collector. Ian goes back to the shop later coming out with a huge smile on his face. Dawn seems interested to find out just how much he has made but is dismayed that he has actually swapped the Banderas autograph for one of Tom Jones and hands it over to Dawn as a present. She understands the sentiment with the 'Jones' name but still calls him a prat for not taking cash. She storms off in a huff. A little later she returns with her purse, Ian had gone in the wrong adjoining phone box. All is well and there will be much rejoicing!
Into the early evening and they are enjoying themselves outside a cafe drinking and singing. A guy in a fireman's outfit turns up and starts stripping for Dawn.
"Happy birthday Dawn" says Ian.
"This is not really my thing but when in Spain…" says Dawn.
She starts dancing with the semi-naked fireman.
"How could you afford this Ian, you are skint?" says Dawn.
"It cost him the autographs of all the Nolan Sisters and Mike Yarwood" says Jonti.
Dawn gives Ian a big sloppy kiss.
"And some of these people aren't alive now" say Ian.
"Thanks brother, this is the best birthday ever" says Dawn

The end.

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