2007 08 13

Jonti Catches It


When Jonti accidentally leaves his camera on after a day of filming, we get to see a new dimension of his private 'off camera' relationship with Ian and Dawn in their hotel room… from the knees down that is. It's such good material, he decides to use it anyway.
(lock cam, mid shot, knees down)

Jonti is still holding the camera. Dawn is in frame, sitting by her dresser. Possibly a Welsh dresser.
Jonti: Eh, could you do me a favor? Can you sew?
Dawn: Sure, I do.
Now, Jonti puts the camera down, recording the scene from the waist down.
Jonti appears now in frame. He explains:
jonti- my trousers button is coming off. I'm afraid of having an embarassing accident. Could you?
Dawn: (reaching inside her dresser drawer for needle and thread)

at this moment, Jonti begins to undo his trousers (businesslike, nothing malicious)
Dawn: wait. wait. hold it. Don't you have another spare to wear while I fix this one?
Jonti- Uhm, it's in the wash.
Dawn- heaves a sigh. Oh, alright, she says.
He proceeds to undo his zipper, revealing his boxers, slightly. Dawn is ready, her face level to his groin area. with needle and thread in hand.
Suddenly the door on the right opens and Ian, who carries a volume of Nietzsche's later philosophy, lets it fall to the floor and gasps: Oh God.

Jonti and Dawn realise that they've been caught in a "compromising" position. Jonti sinks to his knees and they look into the camera with horrified expressions.

And Jonti cries out "It's not what you think!"
Ian stalks out. "bloody perverts"
Jonti pulls up pants and off cam you hear him say: She was just fixing my trousers! I swear it! Anyway, Nietzsche's earlier work was much more inspiring.

end scene

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