2007 07 12


Dawn and Ian realise they are not finding their syblings quick enough and so sit down in a cafe only to find that they are in the middle of an OpenCoffee morning "geek" meeting - http://www.opencoffeeclub.org/ and so they enlist the help of some of the entrepreneurs to help them locate their next sybling using some form of technology or mobile web application that is very new like blogantion.com or kyte.tv


In Waterstone's 5th floor Cafe in London? The opencoffee club meet here every Thursday morning from 10-12. There are great views over London and about 100 people attend each one.

Question: What about an European location instead? www.Blognation.com is all over Europe…


Ian, Dawn obviously and myself (Sam Sethi) and possibly Saul Klein leading London VC and organiser of the global idea around opencoffee club.


They go into Waterstones to buy some books on Geneology or an Atlas. Ian has bought a new GPS phone and Dawn thinks its a waste of time. Dawn prefers the old way. Ian tries to use Google Maps but is totally useless. One of the OC club people think here is there to give a pitch to a VC and starts to watch.

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