2007 06 27


The Admirer

Dawn gets an Eastern Euro millionaire admirer. He drives a luxury top of the range Ford GT..they meet at the traffic lights in Brussels, he smiles on red, she smiles back. He passes her his card, the card is a chocolate bar but the wrapper has his name and telephone number on it. Ian eats the chocoloate gives her the wrapper. She calls him and goes to meet him. He talks a lot about roasting nuts and making the nibs…super nibs..his nibs are super..he asks her if she'd like some nibs…she would ..would she ? what are nibs?.. She eats the nibs and drink chanpagneDAWN and IAN ..they make her feel giddy as good nibs do being made from pure roasted cocoa…..he tries to bribe her with more nibs to seduce her but she refuses being coqeutish and a lady, she feints a crying fit asking for his help to find her brother to escape his moustache, more nibs and charms. He calms her saying he will to call his mafi friends in on the hunt but first she must bath in Chocolate so he can have a chocolate sculpture of her in his shop 'a chocolate goddess of love'. IAN waits outside in the car looking at the sillhouetes in the window having all the fun.. She brings him some nibs and they leave..IAN likes nibs too..they make him hyper he has a mini nib rave in the car…

But … the chocolate is less pure than thought and contains peanut oil … which Dawn reacts to .. (apparently all 27 siblings have the same alergy).

BACKGROUND NOTE nibs are real they are the roasted nut of the Cocca bean they do have an aphrodisical effect and and effect of making you high is an way. I tried them…mmm can say that it's true

BRUSSELS - traffic lights/chocolatiers/flat

Eastern Euro man, Dawn, Ian.



Their car pulls up to some traffic lights..

Do sprouts come form here then?

Zip it

A car pulls up next to her it a Ford GT…mmmmm DAWN LOOKS over. The window unwinds is that Jermy Clarkson with a tash or and Estern Euro chocolatier? He smiles, she smiles. He hand her a chocolate bar..she takes it embarassed. They drive off.

What is it?


Great [he scoffs]

Eh that was mine..

He give her a bit taht was left back

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