2007 06 30


Dawn tracks down her sibling MIKEEE. Who is MIKEEE is it a girl or boy in DUTCH? How old is he or she? DAWN and IAN imagine him/her. They drive up to his house and outside is a super fit skate board dude. DAWN is flushed and charmed as he tries to get her in the house and smoke a hooch with him. IAN gets protective and freaks saying he will tell his DAD, the UTH says he does not know his DAD but of course IAN does…It's out of the bag…..they are family

A new family reunion ensues..IAN learns to chat up girls in Dutch and do board tricks. DAWN gets sisterly with her new brother smoking a hooch. Not her thing…he show her his mobile phone collection..he gives her one (a phone) promising to text her specal everyday…ah brotherly love…he wants to run away from his parents..can he come with them he always knew his parents were aliens!

The leave with hooch MIKEE and tinfoil hats…f




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