2007 06 29

[Maybe this could combine with Radio station sketch idea?]


DAWN reads her poem at Amsterdam poetry cafe to help find dad and family [so this would be on Radio Station, obviously]

AMSTERDAM [Somewhere else, unlees they're gonna go back?]

IAN AND DAWN -various public members


DAWN stand by the mike or jus tsimply infront of people in the cafe

Hello, hello, welcome to my mission, here I share my poetry prose and beautiful words for you to share my mission with me. I'm Dawn and not so long ago I found out I was an artificial person. No no, not real, but I was made through insemination and I found out I have 27 brother and sisters that I never knew. One could be you. There is my brother Ina there..I didn't know him till last week. So here's a poem to give you a feel.

Oh life you spiced me up
with a turkey baster
a twisted whim of fate
my father lost to the universe
in it's beautiful glowing haste

I imagine my real dad as a thousand faces
like stars in the night
Why did he share his sperm and create this aweful

But I think it could be good
for serendipity is grand
she has a heart of an angel
and writ my name in the sand

and my parents loved me oh so true
But I wonder what my relations
do like managing Amsterdam station?
or owning a diamond shop
like new.

I met my brother my new great friend
Who has helped me think in new ways
I'm touched I'm spent I'm broke
I'm lent in oh so many ways

help me find my family and with you
I'll share my joy
Oh oh Amsterdam
Oh Amsterdam oh Amsterdam
Please help me in my ploy

Between the neon lights
and dirty old man shops
help me find my joy.

DAWN waits for applause..IAN cries and is moved he stands up and gets infront of the group

This is hard. Thank you Dawn…

Sorry DAWN I wrote almost the worlds worst poem for you..

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